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17 June 2016

After collaborating together of VINCZ LEE‘s last release “Upside Down” ft POPCAAN & CALI P. Hemp Higher producer RIGA has linked up once again with Multiplatinum Producer & DJ crew FireFLY.


For this release they chose to work with new talent PROPA BLEND – an exciting young artist who embodies the new generation who knows no boundaries of genre – As anyone will notice by listening to the track which is a mix of Dancehall, trap, urban and electronic sounds.


“Popula” will be PROPA BLEND‘s first single – releasing worldwide today on itunes, amazon and other digital retailers and providers.



PROPA BLEND is a young artist based in Geneva, Switzerland – His mixed african and european heritage has lead him to be a fervent student of African, European and Carribean Culture since a very young age. His music is heavily influenced by Jamaican dancehall music as well as American rap artists like “Future”, which has lead him to develop a “crossover” style which bridges the gap between both genres. Look out for more exciting new material from him soon.


Follow him on Instagram @PROPABLEND