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4 June 2016

Since the release of his second EP: “Still Pushing” in May 2015, RANDY VALENTINE has since released a mix-tape: “Radio Music”,  as well as a string of digital singles – even a remix of Beibers “Sorry”.


Fans of his will be familiar with the million styles of RV whether it be dancehall, lovers rock, conscious reggae & yes – even hip hop. Fans will also be familiar with the core content of his lyrics – overcoming obstacles, family & romantic love, respect for one another. His words and sound elevate, encourage and inspire hope & he is never afraid to show his vulnerability. This track is a stand out song and the sentiment is one many of us whether male or female can find relatable.


You could be forgiven for comparing this to “Poor Mans Loving” (from his debut Mixtape “Bring Back The Love”) In which, RV asks a potential lover to accept him for who he is & in return he can give “love, sweet love”. Singers like Gregory Isaacs echoed similar sentiments in songs like “Loving Pauper” where he states ‘I’m only able to romance you / and make you tingle with delight’. However, in this song, Randy once again brings a raw realness and shows that, like us, he is just human, subject to the same heartbreaks and emotional pain as the rest of us.


I was the King whe she fling down / in a my opinion / she tink mi livin’ in a dream because mi sing songs / but now di ting strong / she waan fi swing back like a swing song / nuh get di King wrong / but you shoulda waittttt!’ / but sorry is a little too late / you shouldn’t mek the Natty escape…’


A reminder that sometimes love just ain’t enough. The song is a classic lover’s lament, laced with themes of abandonment, emotional hurt and grief for a love that is lost. But this is Randy – this is the #RVlution.


(Review Written by Lizzy Brown /