Ruff D

Nationality: French / Swiss
Place of Birth: Paris (France)

David “Ruff D” Saint is the veteran hiphop / dancehall Producer of the crew. In 1998, he setup his first home-studio, and started perfectioning himself in composition, mixing and recording skills and techniques. Soon after, he created his first label called : « Lab on Vibe prod »
In 2002, he participated in the formation of « Hemp Higher Crew » and goes on to release the compilation: “Lab on Vibe: Hip-Hop/Ragga”, which brought together over 40 artists, rappers, singers and DJ’s from Switzerland and France.
From 2003 to 2012 he managed and was in-house engineer at the Funambule studios in Nyon (where nearly all Hemp higher releases were recorded) and during this period he was active on various independant projects throughout Europe, collaborating amongst others with : Afura, Masta Killa (Wu-Tang), Faf Larage, Freeman (IAM), Stress, Chico, Rootwords, Namusoke, Aya Waska, Straika D, Fahrad, Le spectre and many more
Over the past 14 years he has participated in the production, recording and mixing of hundreds of tracks, with numerous releases worldwide.
Besides music production and engineering, he is also an independant geographical information systems consultant.
October 2012